FiXX is a united, global movement to drive positive action and sustained social change for women in film, media and beyond. 



Film influences people on a global scale and plays a critical role in audience welfare. What we see on our screens shapes culture, the way we see ourselves and each other. Yet the statistics around gender equality in the film industry are profoundly unbalanced.


FiXX is the result of five years of research and consultation - reaching across industries, developing new mixed-media collaborations and learning how to build precise solutions to increase the visibility of female-led storytelling.


Our multi-media programme supports the worldwide distribution and marketing of films made by women, ensuring that more gender diverse stories reach mass
global audiences. FiXX also promotes the work of leading gender diversity organisations. FiXX support is at no cost to female filmmakers, or to the women and men that drive proven diversity initiatives. 

“Having more female-created audiovisual content would impact positively on the portrayal of women and men, promote equality and encourage fairness in our society. Audiovisual content can either hinder or hasten structural change towards gender equality.”   The Council of Europe, pan European recommendation, 27 Sept 2017



FiXX is a multi-media programme and global network, offering new marketing channels and international promotional support for female filmmakers and all champions of gender diversity.  

DOCUMENTARY - A mass appeal documentary series by global production powerhouse, Endemol Shine. Exploring the importance that female-led content has on society, celebrating the initiatives that are the future of social change, and empowering our audience to engage in the solutions. 
Distribution: Amazon Prime and Endemol Shine.

EVENTS - Action for change. A series of intimate business development events to support the essential work and progress of diversity organisations.
Supported with an annual panel presentation at a film festival.  

FILM FUND - Financial assistance to enable the successful distribution, PR and marketing of a feature film directed by a woman. Guaranteed promotion ensuring the film reaches the widest international audiences. 


MEDIA - Media plays a critical role in the welfare of audiences as change can only be secured if better content is widely shared. FiXX has developed a global media network, each offering editorial and advertising support to the cause Media partners include: Dazed Media, TI Media, Little White Lies, The Telegraph. 

DIGITAL - An engaging and inclusive digital community, the FiXX online channel is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the heroes of female-led film (male and female), through a curated editorial channel and an open source directory.  

FiXX Events

Films, Festivals and the Future. 

In partnership with United Entertainment Group and Birds' Eye View, FiXX launched with a pre-Cannes warm-up at Annabel's, May 2019. An enlightening collection of talks explored the true picture of women working in the industry today and solutions for gender equality in film. 

Curated by Mia Bays (Oscar winning film producer and director of Birds' Eye View), our speakers invaluable expertise truly bought the FiXX values to life - Stephen Follows (writer, producer, film data researcher), Deborah Haywood (writer and director), Be Manzini (director of Caramel Film Club), Aline Santos (Unilever's EVP Global Marketing, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer), Anna Smith (broadcaster, Chair of the London Film Critics' Circle, host of Girls On Film podcast). 


About Us 

FiXX is a team of industry experts and influencers. As a leader in social change,
FiXX opens it's doors to all allied organisations.

Constance are specialists in high-impact projects with social responsibility at the core. Positioned at the heart of the creative output of FiXX, Constance guarantees the programme is valuable for the talent it serves, effective for the brands it promotes and compelling for the consumers it reaches. 

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The cinema - a medium that is so often and so visibly in service of a crushing status quo, but which, in the right hands, is a fatal instrument of beauty, contestation, wonder, politics, poetry, new visions, histories and dreams.              The Institute of Contemporary Arts London

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